Lincoln Brewster - God Of The Impossible

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In a world that thrives on immediate gratification, waiting can seem counter-cultural. Yet, waiting is a huge part of the Christian journey. Whatever stage of life we might find ourselves in, we’re always waiting on the “next thing.” 

I’ve spent much of my life waiting. I’ve waited for an answer. I’ve waited for a sign. I’ve waited for direction. I’ve waited for healing. And to be perfectly honest, sometimes I’ve seen God come through, and other times I haven’t. There are still prayers in my life that remain unanswered. Can you relate? 

As a songwriter, my tendency is often to write about the places in my life that I feel I’ve mastered. It’s much harder to write about the areas I struggle with. One of the hardest lyrics I’ve ever written says, “Sometimes miracles take time…” I broke down during a songwriting session when my co-writer and I wrote that line. It wrecked me. There’s so much truth wrapped up in those four words. 

I don’t always understand why God makes us wait. I suppose the wait builds character. The wait often teaches us lessons we wouldn’t otherwise learn. The wait makes us stronger. But, more than anything, I believe the wait makes us worship. 

Waiting forces us to worship God for who He is, regardless of the outcome and regardless of whether or not He answers our prayers the way we think He should. 

While I wait I will worship / Lord, I’ll worship Your name / While I wait I will trust You / Lord, I’ll trust You all the same 

Still, knowing that worship is the best response to waiting, doesn’t make it any easier. But I do know this: Worship properly redirects our focus. It helps us set our sights on God and His power and might instead of illuminating the long, uncertain path ahead. Worship helps us trust that He is working while we wait.  

I often have to remind myself of the truth found in the lyrics that I write: You’re faithful every day / Your promises remain.  

In time, I believe I’ll see my miracle, and you will, too. In the meantime, let’s pour our energy into worshipping the Miracle Maker. He is worthy of all of our praise.