When Pigs Fly


Do You Need a Miracle?

Take a deep breath. Good. You have permission to keep breathing like that. Now, slow your thoughts and tune into what’s left of your childlike imagination. 

You are a pig, a little one, and you’re in a predicament. You were just wandering along, maybe to the market for roast beef, when you walked to the edge of a cliff. You step tenderly back as you watch some rocks fall into the deepest valley a pig’s ever seen. You turn around to leave the danger of the cliff’s edge, but you see something terrible and unexpected: a pack of hungry wolves closing in on you after sniffing out your every step. 

So how do you feel? Maybe alone, weak, powerless, trapped? 

Quick question. Have you ever felt like this little pig? You got into a predicament. You were just wandering through childhood, through marriage, college, through life when you came upon something unavoidable, something impassable. When you turned around—and at the worst moment—something like sickness, abuse, death, divorce, debt, or addiction was there sniffing out your every step ready to swallow you up.

Maybe one of these words describes how you felt, maybe how you still feel: alone, weak, powerless, trapped. Maybe all of them.

There’s another word you need to know about for times like these: dunamis. It’s an ancient Greek word that comes from the root word dunamai. What’s crazy is we don’t actually know the origin of this root word, but we do know it was used often in the Bible because it basically translates as: to be able. That’s dunamai, but dunamis takes it one step further. 

In the Bible, dunamis is used to describe Jesus’ miracles, the Holy Spirit’s power, the inner strength of the soul, and even the kind of strength that comes from sheer numbers. It’s actually where we get the word “dynamite.”

Our little pig could’ve used some of that. A higher power from unseen origin that never leaves, that brings mighty strength to the weak and powerless, and that blasts through the impossible. 

There’s good news—we know the root of this power. Where do you need God’s miraculous power to silence the words “alone, weak, powerless, and trapped”? 

Pray: God, it’s hard sometimes, but I believe You still do miracles. Please do Your mighty work in me, the way You please. I love You. I trust You. Amen. 

Watch When Pigs Fly.