What Does Worship Look Like?

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What Does Worship Look Like? 

Mary of Bethany, along with her sister Martha and brother Lazarus, had the privilege of knowing the Lord face to face during His earthly ministry. Jesus repeatedly spent time in their home and performed the amazing miracle of raising Lazarus from death. This little family became Jesus' devoted friends. In an event referenced in several of the gospels, Mary performed an act of worship that should effect our own worship of Jesus. 

During a dinner attended by Mary and her family, as well as the disciples, Mary came to Jesus bringing an expensive bottle of spiced oil. She broke open the bottle, pouring the oil on Jesus' head and feet. Rather than using a cloth to wipe the liquid from Jesus' body, Mary used her own hair. 

The reaction of the other guests was immediate and strong. They all expressed their disapproval of her behavior and the waste of the oil. Jesus, on the other hand, was deeply moved by Mary's expression of worship. 

How lovely, that when Mary took her eyes off herself and placed her focus on Jesus, she saw how worthy He was of her worship. She was not concerned with who else might see her actions or what their response might be. She saw only her Lord, which motivated her to an extraordinary act of worship.  

How often do we put ourselves, rather than Jesus, at the center of our worship? As we worship, how often do we wonder what we look like, how we sound, what someone else might think? Does our mindset match Mary's, concerned only with honoring the Savior? 

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