The Importance Of The Experience: The Survivors Guide

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The Importance Of The Experience

What is the main question you often find employers asking you for on job applications? 


What is it about a potential candidate that has the pendulum swung in their favour?


We habitually trust things, situations and people that have proven themselves to be reliable. A trust that allows us to be our best selves… or at least try to be. That is just how we are wired as human beings. But sometimes, those same things can hurt us the most.

I was abused. Physically, mentally and emotionally for eight years. Silenced for ten. Dealt with the remnants of my abuse since then. But, what is it that gave me hope?

What is it that assured me of God’s love every day?


There is nothing that we have faced, experienced or overcome that God has not been prepared for.

Becca’s Gem 

Let this plan be a reminder that we have survived our experiences because God knew it would be important for our destiny. We may have felt as if we went 12 rounds with the torment that we endured, but we will always come out victorious!