Restoring Life: Part 1

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The Lord Who Heals

In Mark 2, we read the story of Jesus and the paralyzed man. Jesus, while visiting his home in Capernaum, finds himself face-to-face with a paralyzed man being lowered down to him on a mat from up above. 

Unable to get to Jesus through the large crowds, the paralytic man’s friends creatively dug a hole in the roof and lowered him down on a mat. 

This story reveals the ultimate trust both the paralytic man and his friends in had in Jesus. They had heard the rumors of his miraculous healings and trusted that their friend could be one of those healings. While your friends may not have had to pull up shingles in the doctor’s office to lower you down, there’s no doubt that you have a had a whirlwind of an experience preparing for this surgery. 

The paralytic was not a doctor, or at least as far as we know. He had proved unsuccessful so far in finding a cure to his ailment. He had to live in faith that someone with more knowledge than he would come along with an answer to his illness. 

This man would have never experienced this healing had he not trusted in his friends to get him to the Healer. He trusted the Lord by trusting his friends. And like the paralytic, we, as patients, have to trust the Lord by trusting our surgeons to bring us physical healing. 

But in the end, true healing comes from Christ, and Christ alone. This temporary, physical restoration may seem like it lies in the hands of doctors and surgeons, but our one true healing can only be trusted in the hands of God. 

Reflect on what healing means to you. 

How are you trusting God to be your ultimate Healer?