The Crucifixion of Jesus - Disciple Maker Series #26

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Peter denies Jesus

Thoughts on the message

Peter denies Jesus.

Peter has tried to defend Jesus with a sword, he has followed him to the court where Jesus is tried by the High Priest and now he is alone. Two young girls get Peter to deny Jesus and those around him do as well. Why? We do not know other than the pressure was just too great for Peter. 

Peter has tried so hard and yet he still fails when he promised that he would never fail like this.

This is why it is important not to point fingers at people who fail – because we all fail. Sometimes it is more public for some than for others, but we all fail. In John 21 we see how Jesus restores Peter after the failure. It is not that we do not address the failure, it is that we do not let the failure define us. Jesus did not let Peter be defined by his failures. 

God does not define us by our failures.

Do not let failures define you. 

Do not define others by their failures.


Father, it is so easy to define those who wound us and mistreat us by their failures. It does not define me – and it does not define them. We all need to acknowledge the failures and take them to You for forgiveness. If we can do this, then we seek reconciliation with those we have hurt. I take time today and let You point out any person that I need to see with Your eyes. It is easy to see them through my eyes and what they did – today I want to see them with Your eyes. To love them as You do. To forgive them as You would. To release blessing on them as You desire. 

Even if that person is me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.