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Climbing With Abraham: 7 Days Of FaithSample

Climbing With Abraham: 7 Days Of Faith

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Chapter 11 recounts hundreds of years of family lines down to when our main character, Abraham, was finally born. This illuminates a key point in Abraham’s life and in the lives of all Christians. 

Over and over again, the Bible begins a person’s story by telling where they came from, who their parents were, and what land they originally inhabited. This is all to show that our story begins long before we do

Before Abraham ever lay Isaac on the altar, before he married Sarah or traveled to Egypt or even heard the voice of God, God was planning his story. God knew He would bless the nations through this one man. He knew Abraham would be a very important marker in the long, beautiful story of human salvation. But God also knew that, as important as Abraham’s story was, he was still only a part of something much larger. 

As you prepare to dive into the life of Abraham and discover the amazing truths hidden in his trials and triumphs, remember this one truth: there was a before Abraham and an after Abraham, and the same is true for you. 

Countless stories have taken place to allow you to live at this precise moment in time. Countless more will be written after you are gone.

Your story is part of something infinitely larger. 

This is both freeing and frustrating. On one hand, we don’t have to feel the pressure to be perfect. As we’ll see, Abraham certainly was not. But at the same time, when trials arise, it feels like God could not care less about our little problems – we’re just a small piece of the puzzle right? Not true.  

We are God’s children, God’s chosen. To God, we are every ounce as important as Abraham, and he will take care of us with the same amount of care and love and power as He did for Abraham over 4,000 years ago. 

Takeaway: My story is part of a much bigger story.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for choosing to include me in Your enormous plans. Bless me with humility and patience as I learn to discover and fulfill the call You have given me.

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Climbing With Abraham: 7 Days Of Faith

The Christian life requires an immense amount of faith. Often when frustrations and challenges arise, we are left wondering where God is. Thousands of years ago, a man found himself in the same struggle. God had chosen A...


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