Integrity: An FCA Devotional For Competitors


Fruit of Integrity

Ready: Read Proverbs 20:7

Set: The life of Sam Houston State baseball coach Matt Deggs looked put together on the outside climbing the Division 1 baseball coaching ladder. On the inside, however, hard habits consumed and cracked his life and marriage. 

Deggs rededicated himself to Christ in 2004, but life was far from perfect. The balance between professional and personal success was off-kilter with what Deggs called a lack of intent as he struggled with alcohol addiction.

He battled to keep it together until he no longer could and was fired from his job at Texas A&M. Things spun out of control, and Deggs found himself on the brink of divorce and breakdown, staring down the potential of permanently losing the game he loved.

In 2013, Deggs leaned on the Lord, clung to grace, and walked away from alcohol, refusing to give up. He found freedom as his walk became real with nothing to hide. He started living a life of faith, sacrifice and obedience and began to see good fruit from sacrifice and integrity. 

God’s love, power and redemption is enough to turn our desires to please Him and keep in as honest a relationship as possible. Living upright requires a strength of willpower to submit every action, thought and word to God. 

As Deggs reminds us, “Unless we totally decide to surrender and just hold His hand and go where He leads us, then everything else is impossible.” – Drew van Esselstyn with Sarah Rennicke


  1. What have you tried to keep hidden from God?

  2. Who in your life has helped you walk in integrity?

  3. Be honest with God right now and allow His love to transform you. 


  • 2 Samuel 22:26

  • Proverbs 4:25-26

  • 2 Corinthians 8:21

Overtime: Father God, there is nothing that can be hidden from You. Even when I feel ashamed, give me the grace to be honest with You, so You may begin to transform my heart. Turn my desires to please You, and help me to hold onto Your hand and trust where You lead me. Amen.

This text appeared in FCA Magazine