5 Days To Pray And Fast

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Followers of Christ

Most churches celebrate Jesus’ birth during Christmas, then just cruise along until Easter. We celebrate resurrection and cruise along again. However, I think it’s important we look at Christ’s life before the cross and use that as an example for our life. The journey of the Christian life is to be a follower of Christ; to look at His life and follow it. 

Our leading is based on our following. Everybody wants to be a leader and make a difference, but to do so you must first be a follower. Paul tells the Corinthians to follow him as he followed Christ. I don’t think there is a greater example of a person who led people to be followers of Christ. He was a man who led by following the example of Christ. 

If you want to be a leader that not only leads well but carries those characteristics and decision-making skills that Christ had, you have to be His follower. Read God’s Word, understand Christ’s teachings, and know His heart so that you can lead. Lead professionally. Lead your marriage. Lead your children. Lead a church and become a Christ following leader here on Earth. 

Everyone has the ability to be a person of impact somewhere. In your house, church, or work. 

If you’re wondering how you can be the best mom, it is by following Christ. How can you be the best husband to your wife? By being a follower of Christ. How can you be the best employee? It is by following Christ’s example today. It is not about titles, money, personality, or things. 

The word leader definitely sounds more powerful than follower. But true leadership is based on our following. I encourage you to be a follower of Christ, just like Paul did, so that you can lead in the form Christ desires you to do.