Holy Week: Betrayal, Arrest, & Condemnation - Disciple Maker Series #25

Holy Week: Betrayal, Arrest, & Condemnation - Disciple Maker Series #25

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The Heart of Judas  

Thoughts on the message

Yes, one of the followers of Jesus betrayed Him to the enemy. 

Jesus knew it would happen, He knew that Judas would do it and He knew the time it would happen and He knew that He would die as a result. He still allowed Judas to do it. 

There are three other things I find important here.

First, the other disciples knew their own hearts – that they could be the ones who did it!

Second, Judas was lying. People willing to sin against their brother, will lie to them as well.

Third, Jesus says it would have been better if Judas had never been born. It is not just the shame of the betrayal, it is the eternal cost of this betrayal.

There are several places in the Bible that say it would be better that people never get to this point.

· betraying Jesus (Matthew 26:24)

· stopping children from following Jesus (Matthew 16:6)

· seeking the destruction of a brother (Psalm 55)

Just like all of the disciples said to Jesus – “Surly it is not me?” – we need to see that it is possible for us to do exactly the same thing. So be careful to not be offended by Jesus and walk away from Him; careful to prevent anyone from coming to Jesus and careful to not plan evil for others – especially our brothers and sisters.


Father, no one likes to think that we could do what Judas did – but we all have that within us. The willingness to lie, deceive and delight in the misfortune of others is within all of us. Father, we need You to speak clearly into our hearts when we get close to that. Break through every barrier so that we recognize where we are headed. Above all, give us a humble heart to ask for forgiveness and to repent and turn around. You willingly forgive everyone. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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Holy Week: Betrayal, Arrest, & Condemnation - Disciple Maker Series #25

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