Move Forward: Deepening Your Roots With God

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To Bear Fruit

I am the Vine of Life. I bear fruit—the fruit of my Father. My Spirit dwells in you that you may bear my fruit, too. To bear fruit you trust the pruning and grafting of branches by the Gardener. 

To bear fruit you must trust—trust that good will come, that you are cared for, my darling.

You are so beautifully cared for.

Each drop of rain to quench your thirst—my words in you guiding you to stay with Me. Each gust of wind, fresh air for your leaves. I give you nourishment for your soul, a place to rest, a body to go with Me, a mind to drink of Me, a heart to be stirred with Me. I am the Vine of Life. I am strong and steady and the one on whom you depend.

You are my fruit, and in you I produce much fruit. Trust in my care and watch more beauty come—a fragrance that brings life and joy when breathed in.

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