God, Use Me – Devotions For Your Mission Trip


Seeking God in Exhaustion

You may have just traveled thousands of miles home and you’re exhausted. Mission trips often reveal the best and the worst of us. We see our character flaws clearly, whether it be in our interactions with our teammates or how we cope with cultural differences.

You worked hard! You may have even worked harder on this trip than any other time of your life. Or maybe you’ve been traveling for 26 hours and have to reacclimate several time zones. Face it, you’re exhausted. We’re used up, empty, and have nothing left to give.

Take a breather. Set aside time to rest.

If you are carrying a burden from your trip, release it to Jesus. Perhaps you saw poverty in a way you never expected and you are carrying that weight. Cast that care upon Jesus. He wants us to cast every anxiety, burden and weight over to Him.

May God refresh you emotionally, physically and spiritually. May His Word give you nourishment for your soul.

Michael shares some practical suggestions:

Take a deep breath. When I returned from my trip, I was exhausted. I had traveled for 56 hours, trying to get home. When I finally arrived, life quickly picked up. The calendar was packed. Kids needed chauffeured to soccer, I needed to prepare my Sunday School lesson, I was behind at work… the demands on my time were overwhelming. 

I find it interesting that many times in the Gospels, the disciples and Jesus took time to rest. They withdrew from the crowds and went to a quiet place. Paul and Barnabus did this too. After coming back from their missionary journey, they stayed there a long time with the disciples. Follow their example by giving your body time to rest. 

Suggested prayer:

Father, I pray that you give me time to rest and recuperate. Give my body the strength it craves. Fill me with your Spirit and equip me for the demands for my day.

Think It Through:

  • How do I feel physically? Emotionally?

  • Can I set aside time to rest? When?

  • How can God refresh me physically, emotionally, and spiritually?