Love Defined

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It’s Complicated

As sisters, we grew up with a lot of childhood fantasies about how easy it was to fall in love with the perfect person, get married, and live happily ever after. Our simplistic view of love was shocked into reality when we hit adolescence. We quickly learned that navigating romance wasn’t as simple as Hollywood made it seem. 

The fact that you’re reading this devotional probably means you’ve experienced some complications in love too. We’re guessing you’ve asked similar questions. Faced similar challenges. Experienced some form of heartache. Wrestled through singleness. Wondered if God’s Word had anything to say. 

Sister, you’re not alone. We’ve been there. Others have been there. It’s tough. And it doesn’t help that modern culture is feeding us conflicting messages about what true love looks like. The movies tell us to follow our hearts. Love songs tell us to find the one. And our friends give us all sorts of random advice. 

A twenty-three-year-old single woman named Chelsey wrote to us recently expressing her struggle in this area. “It’s so hard to know what’s right anymore when it comes to romantic relationships! The culture around me is throwing its view on me every day, and I’m not even sure what to think anymore.” 

Whether you’re eighteen or well past your thirties, you’ve probably experienced the complications associated with romantic love in some form or another. And if you haven’t, you’ve probably experienced the longings and struggles of being single. If you’re anything like the two of us, you’ve wondered if there’s a better way. A wiser way. A God-honoring way. 

In short, there is. There is a much better way. Thankfully, the Creator of the universe didn’t leave us hanging when it comes to our love lives. God wants to show you how to honor Him well in your relationships.  He wants to take you from little-girl crushes to a mature, Christ-centered heart and life. He wants to broaden your view of love to see how all true love points back to him.

We have found that the more our hearts have changed from being self-focused to Christ-focused, the more content and satisfied we have become. We hope you will take a leap of faith and join us on this journey to discovering God’s vision for true love and lasting relationships. 

In what ways have you experienced “complications” when it comes to love and romance?