Traffic Signs And Your Marriage - Part 2

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There are traffic signs that tell us to go slow.  Sometimes it is for the safety of others.  It could be  a ‘school zone’ or an area close to a park. If I slow down, I become more aware of what is going on around me. There may be children crossing the street on their way to or from school. At the park, a child may be playing ball and be so caught up in the game that they do not realize that they have chased the ball into the street. By going slow, I can adjust to the situation. I am more aware and able to respond.  

There are other times that the ‘slow’ sign is for my safety. There may be a change in road conditions and by going slower, I can make the necessary adjustments. Where I live there is a lot of road construction going on. Going slower keeps me safer in construction areas.

My life is fast paced. There are many days that I do not get everything done that I either need to do or want to do. I get up early, have a quiet time, work out, get dressed and go - and go - and go - all day long. I need to slow down. I need to slow down for others - especially my wife. I need to take time to be with her each day. If I am always on the go, I do not listen well or interact well. Slowing down makes my marriage better.

Slowing down also helps me. Over time a hectic daily schedule is not healthy. My body needs a rest and time to relax. My soul needs a rest and I need more focused time with God where I can really hear what He is telling me.   

So the bottom line is slow down. Slow down and embrace your marriage. Slow down and embrace life. What can you do today to slow down and, more important, what is keeping you from doing it?

Today’s Challenge: 

1. In your life, what would a sign marked SLOW mean to you?

2. What is one why you could slow down and embrace your marriage?

3. How can you slow down in order to hear what God is saying to you?

Going Deeper:

As you thing about the benefits of slowing down, what would keep you from making those changes? How can you overcome those obstacles?


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