Reach4Life- Journey 4: Change

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Having worked through the third journey, Live, you are now ready to learn to do what Jesus did. Want to change the world? Read on!

“You are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14, NIV


Why are you on this planet?

To reflect Christ’s character and to do the will of God. If Christ is the hope of the world, then God’s people are the messengers of his hope.

Following Jesus means we’re on a mission with God to bring change to our world, starting with the people around us.


Matthew 5:11-16 


How can we be salt (v13)? 

Salt only works if it leaves the salt-shaker and makes contact with the food. God has a mission field for you – it’s the people in your family, community and those you study or work with.

If you try to represent Christ but have lost your love for him and his ways, then you’ll make no impact. Your lifestyle and attitudes will speak so loudly that no one will hear your words.

On the other hand a life that is ‘salty’ with a passion for God and his ways, will cause others to thirst for God.

How can we be light?

Light should be made obvious to all, not hidden. Following Jesus is a very personal thing, but it’s not a private thing. Let your light shine before people (v16).

How will people respond?

Some might hate you (v11), but remember that they are really hating the God of light within you who exposes their darkness. So don’t take it personally. Look forward to the rewards from God for persevering in suffering (v12).

Some, however, will see your good deeds and be drawn to the God who so kindly drew you (v16).


· How do you feel about being salt and light?

· How would it change your lifestyle if you began to see the people in your world as your mission field?


For more on Bringing About Change, read:

John 6:1-14