Holy Week, Day 2 - Disciple Makers Series #22

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Knowing God's Word and His Power  

Thoughts on the message

You do not know the scriptures … you do not know the power of God.

Jesus could say nothing worse about the spirituality of these leaders (spiritual leaders). In the church today, some know God’s word very well – but struggle with trusting God to show us His power in our lives. Others know the power of God, but do not really know God’s word. Leaders must know what God says in His word and allow God’s power to work in us and flow through us to our world.

They did not know the Word of God.

They did not understand heaven. Heaven is real – they did not believe it. Marriage is not a heavenly institution – they did not understand that. Their ignorance of God’s plan for eternity was massive.

They did not understand the Power of God. 

God’s power over death defines the resurrection. They mocked the idea of a resurrection and God’s power. Also, they honored Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – these are not dead people! They have life beyond the grave because God is the God of living people. To acknowledge this is to acknowledge the power of God.

How to know God’s Word? It takes time and studying. It means reading all of the Bible – not just the parts we like to read. All of scripture is full of wonderful truths that reveal the heart of God. Learn them. Just as important – have a humble heart and let them change us.

How to know the power of God? Take time to hear God speak – and trust Him to do what He says. His Spirit reveals, changes, restores, and gives life to us. It is God’s power unleashed.


Father, to know Your Word and Your Spirit together is the greatest challenge of living life. It is learning Your heart and then allowing Your Spirit to create Your heart in me. Fill me with a love for Your Word and truth. Fill me with a faith in Your Spirit that I will experience what I learn. Fill me with a boldness to release this blessing into my world. Unleash Your power in me and through me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.