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Through LeviticusSample

Through Leviticus

DAY 1 OF 7

 Offerings to the Lord 

Whole book reading: Leviticus 1-3

The offerings given to the Lord before Jesus’ death on the cross were not like the offerings in churches today where we drop some money as a token of our love to God. In those days it was time consuming, significant, bloody and messy.  Understanding these offerings helps us to value God’s sacrifice on the cross for us.

Burnt Offering: 

  • The best male animal from the flock was taken.
  • As a sign of atonement, the person making the offering placed their hand on the head of the animal
  • The animal is slaughtered (I am sure there is blood all over the place). Our job maybe over but we still need to be there observing the sacrifice.
  • The priest arranges wood on the altar and burns all the animal. 
  • Those who could not afford an animal could offer a dove or a pigeon

Grain Offering: 

  • Finest flour with olive oil and incense.
  • The priest takes a handful and burns it as a memorial on the altar.
  • The rest is the portion for the priests.
  • They could also give cooked grain in the form of
  • Thick loaves without yeast mixed with olive oil.
  • Thin loaves without yeast brushed with olive oil.
  • No honey or yeast to be part of the offering’s.
  • They must be seasoned with salt of covenant.
  • First fruit offerings consisted of crushed heads of the grains.

Fellowship Offering:  

  • Like burnt offering
  • Animal could be male or female
  • Only the fat and blood were burnt, the rest belonged to the priest. 

We can see from the description of the offerings, God was detail-oriented, He had order and He was clear with His expectations. Our offerings today need to have the same amount of reverence and goals to please God. Our attitude needs to be genuine and sincere to express our love to God and not be an act of pleasing God for His blessings or a bribe to do what I want. 

Life is about pleasing God with our offerings.

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About this Plan

Through Leviticus

Going through the book of Leviticus will help those who have thoughts about the passage they read that day. This reading plan is aimed at having a systematic study despite the not so interesting chapters. 

We would like to thank Sherene Ellen Rajaratnam for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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