There Is More

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“Good Good Father”

Our God is the God of more. And when it comes to lavishing gifts upon humanity, God has never been short of ideas, and His purpose for you is good, perfect, and filled with abundant life. As James 1:17 says, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow” (NASB).

When you think of your own life, what are the gifts that come to mind? Do you even believe that you are gifted? Gifted with heaven-sent, perfectly curated, irreplaceable, and unique gifts. Let me assure you—you are. 

Perhaps there are some that seem like obvious gifts: ministry and spiritual gifts such as apostleship, evangelism, healing, and prophecy. God-breathed natural gifts such as singing or dancing, writing gifts or communication gifts can also be easy to pinpoint. But beyond some of these more obvious ones, let me also remind you that life itself is a gift, breath is a gift, friends are a gift, family is a gift. Do you see the people in your life as gifts? And did you know that He has put both people and talents in your life that are directly related to the plans and purposes He has for you? Perhaps you don’t feel like you can identify your own giftings. Maybe you’re holding back when it comes to some of the talents within you simply because you are afraid of what the future will look like. Or maybe someone has spoken poorly of you or downplayed the gifts in your hand.

As a pastor, I see it as a huge responsibility and an honor to steward the gifts within people’s lives. So allow me to pastor you for a moment…

You are gifted.

You are talented.

Your gifts are good and perfect.

And your gifts and talents are perfectly poised to enable you to fulfill the plans and purposes of God on your life.

Today, every time you think about one of God’s gifts to you, thank Him for it—and ask Him to help you invest it fruitfully for His kingdom.