Proclaiming The Good News

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If we love Jesus, we obey Him. If we don’t obey Him, it’s because we don’t love Him. Our role as Christians is to model to new disciples how obedience to Jesus is motivated by our love for Him. Discipling the lost means that we teach them how to be friends with Jesus by obeying everything He commanded.

In Acts chapter eight, the Lord told Phillip to rise and go toward the road connecting Jerusalem to Gaza. When Philip heard this, he rose and went. No hesitation. Then when the Lord told him to join a man traveling on the road, he was so quick to obey that he literally ran to catch the moving chariot! When Phillip met up with the man in the moving chariot we read that, “Philip opened his mouth and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus.”

This is such a great example of urgency and obedience and how to begin to disciple a lost person toward Jesus. It’s important to note that Phillip was just a regular man. He had a good reputation and was full of the Spirit, but he wasn’t a full-time minister. He was a layperson with a service job. But Phillip understood that, as a believer, occupations come second to obeying Jesus and His command to tell others the good news.

What it would be like if every Christian understood what Philip understood? May the Lord help keep us lovingly obeying His great commission no matter where we live or work.