Journey To An Empty Tomb



An Encouraging Start

The week started off well. A triumphant entry, people all around - hailing Jesus as King. The crowd gave energy. There was hope. They were experiencing the love of Jesus in a tangible way and they wanted others to feel the same. Ann White talks about positive effects that come from being in a strong and supportive community.

Listen to Ann

This positive sense of community is what we see in the story of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. People were running to Jesus. They wanted to experience the blessing of being with other Christ followers. There are so many ways that our faith is stronger when we do the same. Encouragement, challenge and support are a few of the things we can experience. Are you part of a strong community? The Easter season is a time when people can be more receptive to Jesus. Is there someone you can come alongside and invite into a stronger relationship with Him?


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