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Stepparents Need a Hug 

One stepmom was pleasantly surprised when her two oldest stepdaughters gave her a card on Mother’s Day that read, “Everyone needs a back-up mom. You’re mine!” What a huge compliment—she was beaming from ear to ear. She knows how hard it is for kids and adult children alike to honor their stepmom without dishonoring their biological mother, or feeling disloyal to her. So, why the need for the hug?

Because this stepmom’s other two stepchildren didn’t acknowledge her at all on Mother’s Day. Not a word. 

So what’s your situation? Are you accepted or rejected? A part of the family or pushed aside? Talk about confusing. I guess you could say that ambiguity is a stepparent’s middle name. And that’s why they need a hug.

(A prayer for the biological parent to pray over the stepparent. If you’re both stepparents take turns praying over each other.) Father, thank you for my partner who has taken on the task of loving and caring for my children. I am grateful for all they do. Please strengthen them for the challenges they face and give us wisdom as a couple to parent well together. Amen.


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