Peacemaker Ministries: Teach Me Your Ways

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When you need God’s wisdom, do you ask him to teach you? God deeply desires that your soul be filled with his truth, and I invite you to trust the Lord by walking in that truth. King David, who wrote this psalm, says, “Teach me …, O Lord.” His desire is in full agreement with the Lord’s – learning God’s ways and walking in God’s truth. David wants to journey on God’s road, the one called Truth. 

Next, David asks God, “unite my heart....” It’s interesting that he doesn’t ask God, “unite my heart with your love” or “unite my heart with your grace.” Instead, his prayer is that God would “unite my heart to fear your name.” David doesn’t want any part of his heart to be disloyal or distracted. He desires to have whole-hearted reverence as he walks with God. This inspires me! 


What path are you on? Are you walking in a teachable frame of mind? I hope you are journeying on the road of truth. What is your heart united with? Are you teachable in your current relationships? Open your heart to God, so he can teach you his ways. Learn from him so you may be able to walk in truth. Too many people learn just so they’ll know more. We need to learn so that Christ-like behavior characterizes us. 

In your relationships, do you unite your heart in being right or in order to fear the Lord’s name? When you deeply revere the name of God, you will be humble. You will be forgiving. It will be evident to others that you are a Christian.


Lord Jesus, teach me your ways so I will walk in your truths. I want my heart to be united with your heart. Help me to understand more of what it means to fear your name…. (Continue praying.)