Traffic Signs And Your Marriage - Part 1

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Devotional Content:

We pass them every day. Sometimes we read them and sometimes we do not.  Sometimes we obey them and sometimes we do not. Traffic signs are everywhere.  They are there to protect, to guide, to warn, and to bring order. We want every other driver on the roads and highways to abide by them. Yet, on the other hand, we want a little flexibility with these signs when it comes to ourselves. If I am in a hurry, I really do not have time to come to a full stop at the STOP sign. If there are no other cars in my line of vision, why do I need to slow down at the YIELD sign? What about the CAUTION sign? After all, I have been driving for a number of years. I don’t need some sign to tell me to be cautious! Traffic signs are everywhere. I just do not want them to get in my way.

What if these signs were in your marriage? Would you read them, obey them, or ignore them? If the signs were there, would you want your spouse to follow them to the letter?  What about you? Follow or ignore?

Over the next few days, we are going to look at traffic signs and ask, “What do these traffic signs mean if we apply them to marriage?” Join me. It’s going to be one heck of a ride!  

Today’s Challenge: 

1. What traffic signs are you most likely to ignore -- or sometimes not obey?

2. What happens if another driver chooses to ignore a traffic sign?  

3. What if that other driver’s careless driving impacts you?

Going Deeper:

What would “traffic signs” in your marriage look like?


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