Prayers And Promises For Financial Breakthrough

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Name Your Seed

The prophet Isaiah penned some of the most beautiful poetry ever written in any language for any generation. Isaiah 55 is among the most lyrical and wonder-filled he ever wrote. The imagery is so powerful, you will feel like you are walking under a waterfall of the Holy Spirit rather than reading words from a piece of paper.

All your senses are engaged as you read these verses and feel faith and joy welling up inside of you! The Holy Spirit is at work, confirming in your spirit that the words you are reading are true and can be trusted. The Spirit and the Word always work together with no contradiction between the two. The Living God speaks the Living Word, and the Eternal Spirit accomplishes all that is declared. His Word cannot fail and can be relied on without question. The Word of God always achieves its purpose—every time.

It is important to speak life over your finances. When you choose to speak God’s Word over any area of your life, it will not return void. He says it; you need to believe it. Name your seed. Are you believing God for a car, a house, a promotion? Isaiah 55:11 is a great Scripture to stand on and use as seed for whatever you are believing God to do in agreement with His Word.

Seed $55.11 or $551.10 or $5.51, and watch what God does. Of course, the number eleven is the number of alignment, and it applies to anything you are believing God to do. Provision for healing in all areas of life is included. Find the Scripture pertaining to your issue, use it as a seed, declare it, and decree it into your life. Because you belong to God through Jesus, your right standing with Him (your righteousness) gives you the authority to claim and stand on that Scripture and all the other ones we talk about in this book.

Speak to me, Lord. I’m listening and will declare your truth. Send out your word and cause it to produce much fruit and prosper wherever it goes. Amen.