Journal ~ Proverbs



This section serves as the introduction to the whole Book of Proverbs. The first seven verses spell out what is the content, what the can provide, and who they are for.  The first thing we understand is that there are various different proverbial statements. The book uses the form that is most effective (verse 6: proverbs, parables, wise words, and riddles) to communicate the purpose of the book.

The purpose is clearly stated. The book was written to pass on wisdom. The wisdom that will be communicated come sin forms of behavior, and includes living a disciplined life a pathway to success, to build a foundation for being right, fair and just, and to generally be guided by the thoughts of others who were wise (in this case Solomon).   

Finally, this information is for those who are not yet wise (the simple) for those who are still young and even for those who are already wise, so that they can become wiser. In other words, for everyone. No matter who you are, you can gain wisdom by reading and learning from this book.