Jesus & Issues Everyone Faces - Disciple Makers Series #18

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Understanding Special Moments  

Thoughts on the message

Here is another aspect of revelation - understanding what it means.

The teachers of the law said that it had to happen one way – God did it in a different way. It is easy to feel we understand what the revelation (dream, vision, etc.) means but really miss it completely. 

Here are somethings I have learned:

· Interpretation will be consistent with the Word of God. God’s Word is the standard.

· Interpretation will be consistent with the heart of God – His love, mercy, grace, justice and truth.

· It will give honor to God, His ways, His bride the Church, etc. It is not about us, our great intellect, or our insight.

· Do not make it a private interpretation. Let other godly people review it for accuracy.

· Do not be afraid of symbolic versus literal interpretation. Again, let the above tests determine whether it is literal or symbolic.

· BE CAREFUL. Interpreting revelation exposes our biases – what we want it to mean. Let God reveal what He wants to reveal – it will often be a challenge to us and what we believe.


Father, these religious people did not interpret Your revelation correctly – because they did not want to believe John’s testimony and they did not want to accept Jesus. Their hearts were exposed. Today, I ask that You expose my heart with Your Word. Show me where what I believe is right and consistent with Your heart. Show me also where I am not in alignment with Your heart and Your will – and give me a humble heart to repent and receive correction. You reveal Your heart to draw me closer to You – and I want that for my life. I ask this in Jesus’ name Amen.