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Immediate God-honoring actions must be implemented when one experiences disrespect, mockery and scorn. The negative, harsh actions of others can manifest a range of emotions if one allows, resulting in depression, rage and even defeat. When attacks come remain in faith-filled confidence that God’s promises of vindication are true and will come to fruition. Those promises include God working all things together for your good when you love him and have been called according to His purpose & whatever one sows that is what one will reap. 

Trusting that God is a vindicator is wiser and more effective than implementing a self-gratifying vengeful plot. God knows all and has the ability to straighten out any wrong done to you no matter how treacherously vile those occurrences appear. When one sows discord, they reap a harvest of discord. When one sows gossip they reap a harvest of gossip in their lives. 

When one sows slander they reap slander, When one sows lies they reap lies. Knowing this truth, one should aim to sow love, joy, peace, patience, forbearance and sacrifice to reap a harvest of love, joy, peace, patience, forbearance and sacrifice. Everything we do results in the sowing and reaping principle and one should make a targeted decision not to do anything to hurt their fellow man because the boomerang is sure to come in their lives. 

Boomerang can be defined as an act or utterance that backfires on its originator. God’s word is replete with examples of the manifestation of sowing and reaping. When anyone makes the conscious decision to create a plan that is intended to hurt, destroy, manipulate, harm, disrespect or thwart the plans of God on God’s anointed vessel whether female or male, young or old, rich or poor, the Boomerang effects are in route. 

The Boomerang is not always instantaneous but the Boomerang effect will take place.  Psalm 64 illustrates how God protects His children from secret enemies and although we cannot stop the attacks of Satan on God’s anointed, but resting in God’s promise of protection is key to winning the battle and knowing that God will come through in Vindicating His Children. 

It is reassuring to know that Satan is already a defeated foe and no matter which way he comes and who he uses the plans of God will never be thwarted. Be encouraged knowing that God is our vindicator. 

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Children of God have absolutely nothing to worry about. Although the enemy comes at different angles to challenge, trick or attempt to thwart the plans of God for one’s life, God has already fixed everything for the beli...


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