Overwhelmed By My Blessings (Part 9)


I ventured across our rural acreage to the large asparagus garden located in a wide open, sunny spot.  Bending over to pick the luscious, fresh stalks, I heard a strong swish of air and looked up just in time to see a large white bird, a kite, zipping past my head.  Not unfamiliar to the buzzing of kites in our area, I stood ready, hat in hand, watching for it to come back.  Because it would. I had invaded its nesting territory. These rather large birds are scary, often diving from a high place to drive predators from their area. The thing was, it wasn’t that demon bird’s place. It was mine!

The bird disappeared from my sight for the moment. I knew it saw me and was keeping an eye on me, but I was alert. Placing my hat back on my head, I kept after my work, but I also stayed very aware that the bird would be back to taunt and frighten me, trying to run me off. 

It did. I saw the shadow coming and raised up, hat in hand and did a mighty dance, yelling at the top of my lungs for that bird to get away from me.  What a sight I must have been. When you are telling demons to flee, you might have to yell and scream! Powers of darkness don’t belong in our place.

That’s the message my Father, who so often speaks to me in the garden, spoke to me that morning. I had a large handful of asparagus in my hand and a whisper in my heart as I headed for home, “Stay alert. Your enemy prowls around like a lion...or a demon bird”.   

Isn’t that so true with our enemy, Satan? Notice that that scripture doesn’t say he is a lion. It says “like a lion”, for our enemy is a deceiver and a liar. He wants us to focus on him, to be afraid, and to believe that he is a lion and that our circumstances will devour us.  

But, just like that bird in the garden, we can make him leave by the power of the One who lives in us. Our praise will send that liar fleeing! Does he completely go away?  No. He is there. He is waiting. We need to be alert, stand firm against him, and tell him to leave us alone. You will get an opportunity many times today. Be ready!

He holds no power over us except what we give him. Believe it!

Father, help me to be aware of the enemy, but not to fear him. May my praise and Your power in me send him fleeing. I know I often act as if he holds more power over me than I allow You to have. Thank You that You already defeated him, and remind me that he is only a liar, a deceiver, and holds only the power I give him. Give me the boldness to dance and to loudly proclaim Your goodness in my life when he is menacing and threatening to steal my joy. I praise You, Lord, my strength!