Stand Up

In Daniel 3 we find the story of three Hebrew children who decided to take a stand. Rather than bowing to a statue set up by the king the three chose to stand up! The story pivots as they are brought before the king. In vvs. 17-18 they tell the king that God is able to save them from the furnace but even if he doesn’t they will not down down and serve those idols. God is calling you to take a stand for your faith! You’ve got this! Stand up!


Look at the areas of your life that you struggle in compromise. Identify any idols (things that take precedent over God) in your life. Starting today ask God to set you free from those influences. Keep a log for this week of the times you stand and the times you give in to those areas of temptation. Trust God to become bigger and bigger in your life as you continue to stand up against those things that impede your connection with God.