Hearing God's Voice First

Day 1 of 4 • This day’s reading


It shouldn’t be a surprise that among Christians, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to read our Bibles more, read them all the way through, read them daily... It’s something we aren’t doing but we know we should be.

We often talk about how important it is to pay attention to the voices our children are listening to. They’re desperately looking for approval and acceptance, especially through social media. But that isn’t just a problem facing our children and young people. It’s an issue we all have. Whose voice are we listening to? What’s the voice that speaks loudest in your life?

In Louis Giglio’s book, “Goliath Must Fall,” he talks about how Goliath came out to taunt the Israelites every morning and every evening. So as the Israelites got themselves up, the very first thing they heard was the voice of Goliath, reminding them of their continuing failure. And the last thing at night, as they were going to bed, they heard that voice ringing in their ears. 

I want the first voice I hear to be God’s. That’s why it works best for me to start my day with the Bible. I don’t want to start my day being confronted with the news or other things. 

For me, email is particularly dangerous. In a world of constant communication and working with a global team, there are always so many issues that need to be dealt with. If I start with emails, I’ll get absorbed in them, straight away. And I’ll be impacted by the content of some of those emails. They will get me in bad form. Before you know it, the other voices will drown out the voice of God.

PRAYER: Lord, give me a desire to read Your Word. Place within my heart a hunger to know you better. Let Your Word be a lamp to my feet, a light to my path, guiding me in Your ways.