Fashioned For His Purpose

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God the First Designer

One of my favorite movies growing up was Disney’s Fantasia. Mickey Mouse running around creating magical happenings to an amazing musical score. Up and down the stairs, around and about the house. I get a similar mental image of God and the details of the creation story when reading Genesis 1. The Spirit of God, moving about the Earth freeing rivers to flow, growing trees from the ground, illuminating the earth (before he created the Sun, by the way…I’m excited to ask God about that one when I get to heaven). What a majestic and awesome sight that must have been to behold? Well, if you’ve ever seen a designer sketch a garment, a master stylist cutting hair or a makeup artist painting a face backstage at Fashion Week, you’re able to draw similar comparisons to the creation story in Genesis 1. God was and is the first designer. In fact, he was also the first couturier as well, designing both Adam and Eve’s first looks from animal skins. So as a Christian fashion, beauty and art creative, know that design is a part of your heritage; a part of your genealogy, straight from heaven. It is part of your legacy. Pick up that makeup brush, your sketching pencils, your shantung fabric and have a creation story event of your own!