Faith - Can Mine Move Mountains? - Disciple Makers Series #16

Day 2 of 6 • This day’s reading


The power of an obedient servant  

Thoughts on the message

How did the people know who Jesus was? 

There was a man – who had a legion of demons and was now healed. Jesus challenged him to go and tell others. So he went and told everyone in the towns and villages what Jesus did for him. 

He was not a gifted speaker. He was not a well-trained disciple. He was just obedient.  He just shared what God did for him. 

Now, Jesus comes back. People are willing to let Jesus touch them – or in this case they touched Him. The healing that this man received – they received as well.

All because a simple man, with a simple testimony, let his neighbors know what God did for him.


Father, we all think our testimony has little value. It has great value. I know that I underestimate what You can do in the lives of others if I simply walk in obedience. So today, I ask for forgiveness for hiding – hiding the goodness You did for me, hiding it from those around me who need to see. This week, I ask for opportunities – and faithfulness – to share what You did for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.