Building A Daily Prayer Habit

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Why Do You Stop Praying?

Prayer is vital. Building a daily prayer habit matters because the stakes could not be higher. 

There are many reasons why your prayer habit could taper off. Not every reason is bad. But for most of us it probably comes down to this: lack of urgency. We’ll call it laziness or busyness or forgetfulness, but no one who sees the urgent need for prayer has ever stopped praying regularly. 

Do you believe that there are “spiritual forces of evil,” “schemes of the devil,” and a “present darkness”? If you truly believe this, you will not hesitate to do as Paul says and “take up the whole armor of God.” And according to Paul, a major part of being ready to handle the attacks we will (perhaps unknowingly) face each day is “praying at all times.” 

It bears repeating from day 1 of our study: When you think “prayer,” think “being with God.” Just as Israel in the Old Testament was powerless against all enemies whenever God was not fighting with them, so we stand no chance against any opposition unless God is with us. And this means prayer.

So as you seek to be with God on a daily basis, as you cry out to God in your pain, as you intercede for the people you love, remember the urgency. You can’t survive without this. Cut off your prayer life and the battle is lost. Prayer is to our spirit what air is to our bodies. You simply will not survive without it. Your prayer life doesn’t need to be grandiose (it should be natural and humble). It doesn’t need to be lengthy (it can be as short as a cry for help). But it does need to be real. Sincere. Regular.


Tip for Cultivating a Daily Prayer Habit: Maintain the urgency of your daily prayer habit. To keep this at the forefront of your mind and schedule, consider using a free prayer reminder service like Echo Prayer  on your phone to remind you to pray throughout the day.


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