A Little God Time For Couples

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Many of us make annual New Year’s resolutions, only to abandon them while the year is still young. The resolutions are usually great goals, but we lack the willpower to keep them. In Psalm 101, King David speaks boldly about his resolve to govern his kingdom and his home with integrity and righteousness. 

Have you considered making the same declarations for your home and your marriage? Would your behavior, attitudes, words, and choice of movies and entertainment change? Would you be more mindful of keeping your word and be less influenced by the world? We know that determination alone cannot carry us, but David knew that too. He could make these bold statements because he knew that God was loving, kind, fair, and dependable. God is the real power behind resolutions. 

Are the two of you willing to make David’s resolutions your own? How can you walk with integrity in every area of your life? 

Lord, we know that all the good intentions in the world are not enough. We want our lives and our home to be free of sin and filled with Your righteousness.