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No Gift We Have Not Been GivenSample

No Gift We Have Not Been Given

DAY 1 OF 5

See Yourself This Way

If you are a Christian, then God has given you every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. There is no spiritual blessing that some Christians have that you don’t have. You have every single one.

At the moment you trusted Christ as Savior, God gave you these spiritual blessings. You have life eternal, complete forgiveness, all the righteousness of Jesus Christ, the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, adoption as God’s own child, the mind of Christ, a sure and secure destiny, and much more. This means you are complete in Christ. You have everything you need to walk with God in joy and freedom. You have everything you need to live a life pleasing to the Father. You have everything you need to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. You don’t need some special experience, and you don’t lack some secret knowledge. You are not missing anything you need. You already have all you need in Christ.

Think of a healthy newborn baby. That baby already has all the organs and limbs he will ever need. He needs to grow and develop, but he is already complete. The same is true of every believer. We all need to grow and develop, but we already have every blessing and resource we need for that growth and development.

Be alert to the enemy’s lies:

  • You are a second-class Christian.

  • God is done with you because of your sin.

  • God will never use you.

  • You can never change.

  • You’ve just got to do this sin. You can’t help it.

  • You are not forgiven.

These are all lies, and you don’t have to listen. Stand firm in Christ’s strength against the enemy. Know that you are a much-loved child of God, fully forgiven, empowered by the Spirit, safe in God’s arms, and alive with every spiritual blessing and resource that Christ has to offer. See yourself this way. See yourself as God sees you. See yourself as you really are.


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No Gift We Have Not Been Given

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he addresses many questions to the church about the nature of their relationship with their Savior. How should believers see themselves, and how can we understand God’s grace to us? The...


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