The Seed Parables - Disciple Makers Series #14

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


The Consequence of wanting freedom, but not Jesus.  

Thoughts on the message

Jesus deals with a very important issue here.

Many people came to Jesus for healing, for deliverance – but they only wanted healing, not Jesus. They only wanted freedom, not peace with God. So they would receive blessing from Jesus – being set free, but they would immediately go back to doing the things that they wanted to do.

Jesus warns about this. If you choose to let Jesus set you free – but not choose to follow Jesus, the consequences are much worse for you. This is what Jesus promised would happen to that that generation of people. They received so much blessing and healing from Jesus, but they were headed for a much worse future.


Time to Pray

Father, I see people like this in church today. They come because they have terrible problems. The problems can only be solved by You. They know it – and so they come. However, when You set them free, suddenly they are never in church again. They only wanted to be free of their problems – they do not really want You. 

Oh Father, give us an understanding heart here. Help us to know that these problems will get worse without You. Keep us close to You every day. Keep our lives filled with Your Spirit every day. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.