Praying For My Wife

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Praying Together Means Staying Together

The mystery of two becoming one in marriage is only possible through an intimate relationship with the One who ordained it. Prayer is the avenue of relationship with the Author of marriage. Marriage was intended to live out of mutual, divine dependency. As Amanda and I go to the Lord in prayer and depend upon Him to relieve any suffering, comfort any pain, and meet any need, He provides an unlimited source of love for each of us. Prayer acknowledges our absolute dependency upon God and draws upon Him as the source of abundant love. Amanda and I have also discovered that prayer brings humility to our relationship and increases compassion for each other. As I pray with my wife, I am reminded of my own need for forgiveness and grace. As we pray together about issues with the kids or decisions in our careers, I am challenged to humbly acknowledge my inadequacies and submit myself to God’s unmerited favor. Finally, Amanda and I have found benefit in this simple prayer: “Lord, I want what you want. Help me discern it and give me power to live it.” Regardless of the issue or the conflict, as we pray this type of prayer together, we experience oneness in our desire to know and do His will.


I long to have quiet moments of conversation with you and your wife. I love when you are still and free of distractions, because those are the times when you can truly feel my love. I especially enjoy seeing you pray together as a couple. When the three of us come together in prayer, miraculous things can happen. Remember, I am the God of love. So it’s in these quiet moments of time with me that I can be your unlimited source of love. 

* Jesus, I ask that you quiet my mind and spirit. Help me to focus on you. In my relationship with my wife, I am depending on you to ________. Since you are the God of love, I am counting on you to ________. 

* Lord, I pray for my wife. Would you draw her close to yourself? Since you are the God of love, I ask that you empower her to ________.

LIVE: DO THE BIBLE (James 5:13)

* God, I come to you now about the hardships I/we are enduring. I need to know that you care about ________. Please reassure me of your love. I need you to intervene in this situation because ________. I am depending on you to ________.

* God, in the same way, I pray for my wife. She needs to know that you care about ________. Please reassure her of your love. She needs you to intervene in this situation: ________. I am depending on you to ________.


• Invite your wife to talk with you about any spiritual goals each of you may have (more times of prayer together, Bible study, devotionals, church attendance). Implement one of these ideas this week. 

• Invite your wife to join you as you lead out in prayer. Spend several minutes discussing the most pressing needs and hardships of your life together and then pray.