Discover Your Purpose (ID Seminar Companion)

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Day One

An Open Heart

Every day the data smog takes its toll and it makes it almost impossible to feel the nudging in your heart for the greater purposes that God has created you for. Many of us are afraid to listen to the yearnings of our hearts; maybe they will lead us in the wrong direction. Maybe you are afraid to open your heart to dream again because you are afraid that you will fail. Maybe you are afraid that once you open your heart, you will be overwhelmed by unresolved pain, grief, and anger.

Oh, but what a waste of a life! To never feel that oh so beautiful sorrow, and God’s hand of peace in the middle of it. To never feel the overwhelming love of God that brings joy unfathomable into every ordinary circumstance! If you don’t allow yourself to embrace your emotion—the pain, anger, joy, and passion—then you will never be able to discover the passion that God has placed in your heart for a specific and powerful purpose. 

Open up your heart! Don’t be afraid to dream; you can’t fail if you are fulfilling the assignment that God has given you. Allow passion to propel you towards your purpose.