Following The Messiah

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The Shepherds:

You may not have a very glamorous job.  Maybe you work on your feet 12 hours a day, or you spend most of your day outside in blazing heat or frigid cold, or maybe you dig ditches for a living.  

Being a shepherd in the 1st century wasn’t a career path many dreamed of taking.  You didn’t get a doctoral degree in shepherding livestock.  However, when God wanted to share the greatest news in the world He went to shepherds first.  Do you ever wonder why?  He chose dirty, uneducated, unpopular shepherds to share the news of His Son—Jesus’ birth.  

God is almighty and He chooses to demonstrate His power through the weak.  Why?  Because He wants us to realize it is Him working through us… not by our own power that we are able to accomplish great things.  Jesus chose uneducated fishermen (they probably didn’t smell great, by the way) and a tax collector as several of His disciples.  Why?  Because He knew they would work the hardest in His, soon to be established, church.  

The next time you go off to your not-so-glamorous job know that God is working through you.  He’s using you to show the world His glory and power.  

Jesus had humble beginnings.  He wasn’t born in a palace and He wasn’t given a parade when He was born.  This was all part of God's plan.  

Over the next 10 days we will look at Jesus’ life and the places where He lived, taught, performed miracles and ultimately fulfilled God’s plan.  

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