Be The Gift

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The happiness of givenness is a balm that works its healing even days and weeks later, and givenness does not define or prove our value but lets us feel the defining value of love. Givenness changes our body because we become part of His Body. And we are even fed communion through our own brokenness. Maybe even in any of our misguided motives of givenness, even then, we are guided back to communion to reap the benefits of love. “And the one who gives a drink of water will receive water” (Proverbs 11:25 HCSB).

There’s this elixir in the veins, and giving is always the greatest, the most beautiful of all, because maybe giving is the shape of what love is—cruciform. Love gives.

Love must give to the beautiful people in the backstreets of wherever our feet land, beautiful people living near us and sitting across from us and streaming by us, and no matter what anyone’s saying, everyone’s just asking if they can be loved.

Love gives and every smile says, Yes, you are loved.