Illuminate: A 21-Day Journey


Day 1: What Do I Do Now?

Fuel Conference is over. You’re back home. And it’s finally starting to hit you… “What do I do with everything that just happened to me over the last three days?”

In 2 Timothy 1, we find Timothy in a similar place. He’s asked some questions of Paul, his mentor, concerning issues he’s faced as he attempts to lead the church of Ephesus. Essentially he’s asking, “What do I do now?” Take a second and read 2 Timothy 1:3-18 before reading the reflection. As you read this passage, pay close attention to verses 6-10, focusing on the encouragement and reminder that Paul responded with.






In response to Timothy’s letter, Paul does two things: First, he encourages him to remember! (v.6-7) Specifically, he tells him to remember the transformation that happened to him when he encountered Christ. Secondly, he essentially instructs him not to be afraid. (v.9-10) With Christ as your Lord and Savior, a transformation is at work inside of you. By God’s grace, through Christ, you have been saved. This work was undeserved, but because God loved you, He executed the plan He had for you all along. As this inward transformation takes shape, there will be changes. You’ll find yourself thinking and acting differently. Others may have questions, but don’t be afraid. Just remember that God has to do a work in you before he does a work through you!


Do you remember everything that happened to you at Fuel?

Did God illuminate some things that need to change in your life?

How will you go about making the necessary changes?

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