Steadfast Love In Affliction

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When you are going through a tough time, your close friends and family members will usually tell you to call on them for anything. They promise that they will always be there for you, but no matter how sensitive, smart, godly, or wise the friends we seek out are, they are not God, and they can’t ever be. And not to minimize the faithfulness of family and friends, but truly the Lord is the only One who is always there for us.

Now it’s certainly not that we can’t or shouldn’t talk to our friends and family when we are hurting or struggling. Our God is a relational God, and we are meant to be in relationship with Him and others. God gives us the gift of friendship so we can “do” life with other people. However, God should be the first person we talk to. He wants us to turn to Him first in all of our troubles. Always. In His steadfast love He is waiting for us to come to Him. 

Take a moment in prayer. You can share your heart with Him and bring your requests before Him.