Jesus' Lineage - Preparing For Christmas Series #1

Jesus' Lineage - Preparing For Christmas Series #1

DAY 1 OF 6

Messiah born of a Woman

Thoughts on the Passage

Genesis 3:15 is called the “proto-evangelium” – or the gospel before the gospel.  The good news of our salvation.  When God released judgment upon Adam and Eve for their sin, He gave this wonderful promise – “I have a plan to deal with your failures.”  It did not have a lot of detail and in fact created a lot of questions for people right up to the time of Jesus’ birth.  Still the promise was unmistakable.  This promise was a promise of salvation – through the woman who was deceived by the serpent. 

In Galatians we see a much clearer picture.  Sin created enslavement.  At the perfect time, Jesus was born of a woman.  His purpose was to set us free from the enslavement that came from sin.  God not only set us free, He adopted us as His children.  Even more, He gave us His Spirit to understand how to talk to God as our Father.  

The word gospel means “good news” – is there any other news better than this?

As we start this Christmas season where we look at the coming of Jesus, let’s start by giving thanks for this good news.  The good news that started right back at the beginning of our failures.  The good news that took the failure of Eve and released blessing on mankind through Jesus – born of another woman.

Time to Pray

Father, thank you for giving us hope right from the very beginning.  You never left mankind in any doubt that You would bring deliverance from our sin and failures.  I also bless You that women receive such honor.  There are many in this world that place women lower than men – not You!  Your heart is to take everyone broken by sin and failure and raise them up as full sons and daughters.  No one gets bypassed, and no one gets second class treatment.  Today, let me see everyone with this same perspective.  Today, give me Your heart for broken people.  Today, let me hear Your Spirit speak blessing over me and every one of Your adopted children.  In Jesus’ name Amen.

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Jesus' Lineage - Preparing For Christmas Series #1

God prepared the world for Jesus the Messiah right from the very beginning.  He made sure His world knew ahead of time that the Messiah was coming.  This is the first of three devotionals that give the prophetic pronounc...

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