Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 7

Read today's Bible references, then read below.


Read today's scripture passages before answering the following questions.

We worry about everything, as if worrying will help! What will happen if…? What will we do if…? How will we…? Jesus, however, seems completely convinced we don’t need to worry about anything. He challenges in Matthew 6:26-27 that since we cannot extend our life even a little by worrying, why do we worry about the rest?

Do we know how to trust? Do we know how to worship rather than worry? Our heavenly Father cares for us more than any earthly father could and He rules with an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving sovereign hand. Everything – absolutely everything – is under His power and His authority. He is in control, His love is unconditional, and He has our best in mind. So what do we really have to worry about? Why is it so hard for us to rest in Him? Oh, if we would just obey His Word and trust Him. When we obey to the best of our ability and follow the Lord with our eyes fixed on Him, we have the promise of peace and a life of worship. Think back to Isaiah 26:3. This is the sweet fragrance of faith – a picture of a life of worship instead of a life of worry.

God, our Father, is pleased to press us into circumstances in which we are forced to choose between worry and worship, circumstances that exceed our comprehension and stretch our faith. It’s vitally important for us to ask Jesus to help us really obey Him, trust His heart, and be anxious for nothing.


Fix your eyes upon Jesus. Focus on who He is – your Almighty God, the LORD, your Redeemer.


Confess your fear, your weakness, and your human frailty. Confess your inability.


Thank your Lord for His listening ear. Thank Him for His heart of compassion and His lovingkindness.


Ask the Lord for His help with your needs and bring your requests before Him. Do not be afraid to let the Lord hear your worries or your concerns. It is a godly way to respond to worry. Bring Him the concerns, ask Him to give you His mind and His heart, and then go forward praising Him and thanking Him for all that He will do.