Lincoln Brewster - Oxygen


Why Am I Here?

Devotional for the song "Live To Praise You"

Why am I here? That sounds like one of those big, existential questions, doesn't it? Sometimes you hear it from a character in a movie standing beneath a vast expanse of the night sky shouting to anyone who cares to listen: Why am I here on earth? What's my purpose?

We all ask that question in that way at different points in our lives. If we don't, something's probably wrong; we may be asleep at the wheel of our life. But more often than not we ask that question in a much more particular than universal way. For example:
Why am I here – low on finances again?
Why am I here – in the doctor's office getting this horrible diagnosis?
Why am I here – at this impasse in my relationship with my spouse?
Why am I here – plagued by doubts and fears?

We might think that question is answered differently depending on the general vs. specific approach. But God's Word presents a singular answer, regardless of the situation. We are here, whatever here represents in your life and mine, to praise. It's just that simple and just that complex.

The overarching purpose of our lives on this earth is to praise the God of all creation, the God who loved this world so much that He sent His only Son to rescue and redeem us. But guess what? The daily purpose of our lives is the still the same. We are here to praise Him when the finances are tight or even non-existent. We are here to praise Him even in the face of receiving the news we simply did not want to hear. We are here to praise Him in the "for better or worse" in our relationships and even the dark shadows of our doubt.

Day after day after experience after experience, we are alive to praise Him. Fortunately, we serve the good Father who understands the variety of things we face in our lives. Praise doesn't always look the same either.

On some days our praise will be with outstretched arms and affirming shouts of joy and victory. Other days, our praise may be nothing more than our still, small, crackling voice whispering, "Thank You. I don't understand why any of this is happening, but I believe You so loved the world and that includes me, so thank You. Thank You!"

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