Progress Of A Modern Pilgrim

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I love sharing with leaders around the world. Because they are so often giving out all of the time they are not used to receiving. They are, many times, like a sponge squeezed out too many times and too often. After being a pastor for more than three decades I began to look in the eyes of Pastors and leaders that I met while speaking at conferences and churches and seeing the same look in their eyes that I had – complete and utter burnout. Many are on the verge of quitting – their church, their ministry and, too often, even their life.

“I have nothing left to give anyone,” they say. I know the feeling!

I try to take them back to the fact that God loves the least and the littlest things. We might think we have nothing left to share with people but even that fact is something! “Share your feeling of helplessness with your people and let them see you work through it!”

It is then that their eyes light up in understanding that the world is not looking for perfection but for purpose!

I love the quote that is attributed to D.L. Moody: "The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully surrendered to Him."  I try not to look at my ability because I believe that God looks more at our availability. I believe that if you believe great things from God, you can attempt and expect great things from God. William Carey said similar words. Yet, on the other hand, one thing that I have been telling the leaders that I am privileged to share with around the world is that everything we do is not the great things. It’s the least things. In His hands, God makes them great.