Job Skills For Kids

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“The best thing about third grade at this school,” Carl told his new friend Jose, “is you get to apply for principal’s helper. The principal’s helpers have the coolest job. Instead of going straight to class in the morning, they hang out in the principal’s office and make announcements over the loud speakers!”

“Wow,” Jose said. “I want that job. How do you get it?”

Carl looked grave. “You have to write an application, and then do an interview with the principal. He wants to see that you’re a good worker.”

“A good worker? How do you show that?”

“I don’t know exactly. My teacher always says the motto of our school is ‘hard work.’ Maybe the principal is looking for kids who can prove they work hard?”

In a survey of over two thousand hiring managers, most bosses said they look for a person who is hardworking (according to a 2014 survey by CareerBuilder and Harris Poll)

The evangelist Paul was an example of a hard worker. Even though he started dozens of churches, wrote a quarter of the New Testament and could have asked others to support him financially, Paul continued to work as a tentmaker wherever he traveled. He “worked night and day,” as he puts it in 2 Thessalonians 3:8, to be a model of how other Christians should work.

You can show you’re hardworking by doing more than is asked of you. Instead of just filling out an application for a job, write a letter to the boss saying what goals you’d set for yourself in the position. Think of a story that shows you do more than just show up. Did you bike extra miles at the school bike-a-thon? Did you read 20 chapter books when the summer reading list had 10? If you can’t think of an example of working hard, start now by setting a goal and going for it.

Try this: Next time someone asks you to do something, go the extra mile. If you’re asked to set the table for dinner, arrange everything like a restaurant. If you’re asked to work in a group at school, see if you can help someone in the group who’s behind.

Prayer: God, thank you for the chance to work hard. Help me enjoy all the work I do. Amen.

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