Start Your Fast Well

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God is Moving

Fasting is an opportunity to refocus our mind on the Lord and rely on Him. To do so, we must make sure we are open to what the Lord has to say.

There are times we pause to reflect on the strength of our faith in God. It can be when a major life change occurs, at a significant event or the start of a new year. Some are led to fast after reflecting and self-evaluation. Some fast for dietary reasons and others to refocus. But for many, it is a desire for a personal revival in their walks with God. Bill Bright talks about this call to a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

Our Lord modeled fasting at the start of His public ministry. He went out into the wilderness for 40 days to fast and pray. The practice of fasting increases awareness of our need for God to revive our hearts. He desires humility, and the denial of food can bring that desired effect. A Biblical fast also involves increased time in God’s Word. With the Holy Spirit’s help, a fast can be a life-changing event. The length of our fast is not important. What does matter is entering a fast with an openness to hearing what God has to say.


  • Have you fasted before? If so, what has been your attitude when beginning your fast?
  • Are you listening or opening your heart to what God has to say during your fast? Take a moment and reflect.