How Jesus Prepared Disciples - Disciple Makers Series #11

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Releasing God's Peace to People and Situations

When we share Jesus – what do we do? First of all, release God’s peace into people and situations. We can be wrong – that is okay. God’s peace does not stay there, but it leaves with us. When people allow God’s peace to change them, then they are blessed abundantly. 

Jesus is also clear about this though. When people reject Jesus and His peace, there are consequences. First, it removes God’s blessing for whole towns and communities and families. That is a sobering thought. Second, if you are in a community of people, and you follow Jesus, then You protect that community. Third, when no one is there, God’s protection and blessing is limited.

Time to Pray

Father, how can I be a source of peace and blessing to a community? It can be my community and family or it can be any community that does not have this blessing. I walked by people today that have no one in their community that are following Jesus – I want to see that community have someone who follows Jesus. I do not know their language, but I pray. Open the door I pray and bring Your peace to that community of people. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.