Determined To Follow Jesus


In order to have a successful relationship that will last Jesus Christ must be the foundational center of that relationship. If Jesus is not sought after and made the primary base of any relationship, in time the relationship will suffer severely, no matter how great one thinks things are progressing. Trials, tribulations, and challenges will come and one’s relational fellowship with Jesus during the storms of life is key to making it through.  Making the conscious determined decision to follow Jesus is paramount for any relationship to grow, thrive, and develop into the God-honoring purpose it is intended to serve in one’s life.  

Determination in following Jesus requires action, commitment, sacrifice, and fortitude. One must exhibit the determination to follow Jesus despite what one’s current relationship status is or what one thinks it will be. When individuals know without a doubt that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life as it relates to all aspects of their lives including every relationship, the sacrifice might be a challenge but obedience in following God’s call should supersede emotions, reasoning, and position. 

When God calls, obedience is required and in time our relationships, associations, friendships, and business partnerships will prosper when we purposefully are determined to follow Jesus.  In scripture, Jesus saw Simon [Peter], Andrew, James, and John at their place of employment, amongst colleagues, and with their family members. Jesus called all four disciples in each of their personal and business relationships and all men were determined to follow Jesus right where they were. 

The disciples made the conscious determined decision to follow Jesus even if it cost them their employment, relationships with family, friends, and associates but we know God’s word does not return void and whatever one sows that is what one will also reap. 

Being determined to follow Jesus in every relationship might result in a season of challenge between both parties but the fruitful, abundant, reward of doing it God’s way will exceed one’s thoughts and God will reward us in this life regarding what we sacrificed and sowed to honor Him.  Determination in following Jesus produces positive results in our lives in allowing us to spiritually see who to let go of and who to hold on to. 

Although the results are not always visually seen quickly over time God’s purpose, for each relationship will be revealed. Be determined to follow Jesus in your relationships.